Some time ago I used to run a personal blog with the subtitle: Social Media Skeptic.  At the time, there was so much hype about social media, that I was quite a bit cynical that it would be oversold, and underdelivered.  Over time that happened, and social media has come back into line with the rest of reality.

However, when I started running RankHammer, I had less and less time to dedicate to talking about social media, and had much more focus on spreading the gospel of AdWords Scripts and Analytics.  I stopped posting to my personal blog, and then something happened.

Somewhere along the way, I failed to renew my hosting account.  My site went down and much of the content only exists on the wayback machine, or in my heart.  At least I kept my domain name.

This is the start of a rebirth of  I’m just as likely to post about my family life or food as I am about internet marketing.  I’m pretty unlikely to do much SEO for this, as really it’s meant as a sort of semi-public diary.  So if you’re reading this, it’s pretty likely that you know me.  I’ll apologize in advance for the lack of focus.